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Thanks for the kind words.

By the way, Pat Robertson is a crazy bastard. Excuse my language ;)

I'm surprised we haven't met in person yet. We've both been in two different places at the same time!

Julie in Boise

Shane, glad to hear you agree Pat R is off his rocker.

Please tell me you weren't the guy with the "Who hates Bush more: Terrorists, Democrats, or Satan?" sign. The Times-News' story today says a guy from Twin Falls named Shane had that sign.


No, I wasn't that guy. I heard some of the stuff he was saying, it was both hilarious and confusing at the same time. I did hear people calling him Shane though. Thought it was me everytime.

Julie in Boise

I'm glad to hear that wasn't you. I walked by him on my way to the parking lot, saw his sign, and spoke with him VERY briefly. I said something like, "Gee, I don't believe in Satan, and I'm a Democrat, so it must be the terrorists." And as I walked away, he mocked me with something like "We were descended from monkeys."

It ticks me off when I hear Repubs say that Democrats hate Bush and hate America. I don't hate Bush; I DO hate what he's done to our country. And I definitely don't hate America; I love our country and want to see it live up to the potential our founders envisioned. My ideal slogan for my party (and my country) would be "We're All in This Together."

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