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Congratulations - I know I'm glad I discovered you and the rest of the Idaho blogosphere. Keep up the good work!

Julie in Boise

Thanks, Sara. I'm glad to have heard about your work, too.


Congratulations, Julie. I just figured out that you're part of 43rd State Blues as well, so I guess I have to change my thinking about that site a little and decide that they're not that bad... except for Binky Boy, of course.

Julie in Boise

Thanks, Bubblehead. Yeah, I'm sort of the kinder, gentler element at 43rd State Blues. The beauty part of that blog is the variety of posting voices ... not just one person yammering like you and I do.

And you know that when they hand out awards for submarine/political blogs, you'll be in that number.

Lucinda Hormel

Felicidades Julie! Wonderful to see when quality work gets recognized for its genuine contribution to our society!

Senator Elliot Werk


Your recognition is well deserved. I only wish we had many more progressives like you!


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