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Diana Rowe Pauls

My theory:
This incident is a perfect example of how this administration is:

* unable to take responsibility for its actions (blaming the victim for not announcing his presence),
* avoids accountability to the American public (attempts to avoid publicity about the incident),
* let's greed be the driving motivation behind its actions (supposedly shot 70 quail before shooting his friend)
* and thinks it doesn't need to follow the same laws as we do (didn't have legal stamp required for hunting quail).


Julie -- For what it's worth, I came up with some unsolicited advice on how the Democrats should handle this situation: http://bubbleheads.blogspot.com/2006/02/they-cant-screw-this-one-up-can-they.html.


Looks like the extra period messed up the hyperlink above; here it is again: http://bubbleheads.blogspot.com/2006/02/they-cant-screw-this-one-up-can-they.html


My view:

I think Cheney is an old senile man. Like most politicians. I think they both had problems communicating where they were on the field and that's how the accident happened. As an avid hunter I can say that it doesn't matter who's shooting. Everybody should know where everybody else is at ALL TIMES. Cheney also had the responsibility to know, without a doubt in his mind, that a man was down range. This happens so often though, somebody swings to shoot a bird, and sprays their friend with pellets. It's nothing new.

As for what Diana said,

"* and thinks it doesn't need to follow the same laws as we do (didn't have legal stamp required for hunting quail). "

The law still applied to Cheney. He's going to receive his warning because the law put into effect was relatively new, and a lot of people were making the same mistakes. Warnings were issued to others and what I read last, a warning as going to be issued to Cheney.

As for what the public needs to know? I don't need to know 10 minutes after the fact about a hunting accident. A report was filed showing that it was STRICTLY A HUNTING ACCIDENT and it took place on private property. Hardly my business and it has nothing to do with politics I'm interested in. It's the type of news for the National Enquirer (or the like) not the NYT.


Need to know,hmmmm,I would like to know why the local sheriff had to wait 14+ hours to interview Cheney about the accident. If it was an accident why wait to interview the man? Surley he would be able to say right then what happened. Take 10 minutes of his time. But to wait so long, what reason could there be.......... Let me see, do you think that they were tipping the bottle back a bit????? Had to wait to sober up?? Since it did involve the Vice President of the United States that makes it news whether you like it or not. This administration repeatedly tries to put itself above the law. This is just another example of it. Jan. 20th 2009 can not get here fast enough for me, I can only hope GW actually steps down and doesn't manufacture a crisis to remain in office.

Julie in Boise

I've wondered about the role alcohol played in this, too. That would certainly explain the 14-hour gap.

I don't think Cheney is senile, Shane. He's not that old. But he's lived a hard life and is assuredly not a healthy man. While I'd be thrilled to see him indicted and impeached for his many official acts of malfeasance, that probably won't happen. But perhaps this incident will lead to something else. I predict we'll see Cheney resign a few months from now "for health reasons."


You have a serious blog, and this is not a serious story in regards to the administration. Unless we can anticipate posts on every hunting accident in the future.

I'm sorry you posted it.

Julie in Boise


I agree. The hunting accident was not a major story until Cheney's stony 72-hour silence, the incident's delayed reporting, the victim's subsequent heart attack, and the White House's bizarre way of laughing it off all combined to make it a major story.

I stand by my post.

Diana Rowe Pauls

I'll say it again... if his health is in such bad shape that he must travel with his own personal medical team, then he has no business being the VP of the United States.

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