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Diana Rowe Pauls

Boy, everybody is getting excited about this situation... including comments about how it is none of our business what Cheney does in his private time and reporters are angry because a little podunk paper got the story first and so on...

One thing that keeps repeating through my mind...
Clinton lied, but nobody died... Cheney only tried.

Stupid, I know, but I'm just blown away at this admin. I hope and pray that America puts a halt to this fiasco.

Julie in Boise


Wouldn't it be something if this is the incident that finally shows that the emperor (and the vice emperor) has no clothes? What will it take? If an unjust war didn't do it ... if indictments don't do it ... maybe the rich metaphors of this story will finally help us all say "enough."

Speaking of which, by the way, that's strong stuff on your blog about how your family doesn't even have insurance, but Cheney has his own personal medical detail. Click Diana's name to read it, folks.

Something's rotten - or as Diana puts it in her blog title, "We have failed our duty as Americans."

Diana Rowe Pauls

I just wrote letters to Simpson, Crapo, and Craig...

"I would like to know who pays for Cheney's personal medical team who was at his side in Texas during his quail hunting expedition.

If this is paid for by the taxpayers, then please explain the justification for it. Please also provide information as to how much this DOES cost the taxpayers.

If this is paid for by a corporation or some other entity, then please assure me that this is a legal acceptance of service by a government official.

If this is paid for out of Cheney's own pocket, please confirm."

It is unbelievable that a politician would go around with a personal medical team (no matter WHO pays for it!)... when our country has such serious health care issues!!

Diana Rowe Pauls

Late Night TV...

"We can't get bin Laden but we can get a Texas lawyer!"

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