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No More Mr. Nice Guy!

I don't know these particular Democrats, but I constantly feel like screaming at the Dems in Congress: "When are you people going to grow a backbone?" I'll try to phrase that more politely: "If elected, what will you do to demand accountability of the administration, to press your fellow Democrats to demand accountability, and to represent the majority of Americans who are horrified by the never-ending parade of scandals and incompetence coming from the ruling party?"


Do you support Senator Feingold's bill to censure the president for his illegal wiretap of American citizens?

Do you believe that by placing 433,000 Halliburton stock options in a blind trust while he is VP relieves Cheney of any ethical quandries? If no, what would you do about it?

What future do you envision for the INL?

When elected, what will you do with Simpson's White Cloud Wilderness bill?

Realizing hindsight is 20/20, how would you have voted on the decision to invade Iraq?

What is the single biggest issue facing Congress today?

Articulate your stand on immigration reform?

Explain how your experience has equipped you to be a Congressman?

Julie in Boise

How would you deal with the growing numbers of Americans who either have no health insurance or are seriously underinsured, paying high premiums and carrying high deductibles for strictly catastrophic coverage?

What will it take to move the United States to a single-payer system that covers everyone?


Native Americans have consistently been ignored by the party and candidates, despite their overwhelming support of the party. What will you do, as a Congressman, that will ensure Native Americans have a seat at the table and that their concerns are addressed? Are there specific issues you would like to see addressed in regards to this valuable and important population?

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