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Tara A. Rowe

Let's all cross our fingers 'til the filing deadline!

Julie in Boise

I'm going to put some more links in the comments here ... click my name for a great Dialy Kos diary on the news ...

Julie in Boise

And more from McJoan at Daily Kos ... again, click my name.


Let's hope Risch runs. We could use a good bloody Republican primary.


As nice as it'd be, I just can't see it happening...

I think he knows he'd be out of a job come this fall.

But, my oh my, that would make for a very interesting summer!


So Dirk's brown nosing paid off. How effective can he be, with GW's approval rating in the mid 30% range and plunging? I just hope that Dirk will be confined in place and not do too much damage until the next administration moves in. You know the Democrat one, and not the Jr. senator from NY (I hope).

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