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I agree, this BTS album is amazing; I’ve been so excited for this one I pre-ordered it from Tower Music so I could get the autographed CD jacket. I bet I’ve listened to it (in fact I’m listening to it right now) about 20 times since I got it last week.

I’ve got to say, with the sunny conditions we’ve been having (minus the rain); listening to Goin’ Against Your Mind at full volume with the sun roof open and the morning sun cresting the valley’s western mountains is amazing.

Some other good ones I’ve picked up recently:

Bright Eyes -- I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning (I bet you’d really like this one Julie)

My Morning Jacket -- Z

Drive By Truckers -- A Blessing and a Curse

Ryan Adams -- Jacksonville City Nights

Julie in Boise

Woo hoo, Chris, I was starting to wonder whether I am the only one here who cares about good music!

I can tell from your list that your tastes run to some of the same fine Americana-roots-rocking stuff as me.

I wonder whether Doug Martsch might want to do a little benefit one of these days for the Idaho Democratic Party or one of our fine candidates. He seems to be as fed up with Bush as the rest of us.


I'm hoping that we can at least get a concert from the ole local boys after their kick off concert was canceled. Maybe they'll hit us up at the end of the tour?

Music, ah yes, I consider music the soundtrack to my life.

Gotta say, Ryan Adams is my favorite right now, the guy is putting out like 2 or 3 albums a year and every song is great.

I've got big hopes for this summer; there are lots of good bands popping out albums.

Anthony Fox

I'm a much bigger fan of their older stuff.

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