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Julie in Boise

The bill narrowly passed the House this morning, 35-32, after skipping over the usual commitee process. Many Republicans who joined the Democrats in voting no said this is not a state matter, but one for local districts to decide.

The bill now goes to the Senate Education Committee. Click my name to ask them to vote no on H0863.

Diana Rowe Pauls

I vented about this on my blog as well (click my name). I don't usually rant like that (even though I've been known to!) but these idiots have taken their religious right (righteous?) and hate-mongering behavior TOO far when they now want to make the children suffer!!


You have got to love some of these arguments Republicans use to justify their discrimination. My personal favorite-having gay-straight alliance clubs is used by gay people to convert straight people to homosexual lifesytles. It just goes to show you how backwards homophobia is and how pathetic their arguments are.

Julie in Boise

My letter to the Senate Education Committee:

I am writing to ask you all to OPPOSE House Bill 863. I have several problems with this legislation.

Why is the legislature tackling this matter in such a rushed fashion when you are trying to wrap up business and go home? I understand the bill didn't even get a hearing in a House committee but was sent straight to the floor for an unexpected, basically unannounced debate. Why was it introduced so late in the session, and why is it being railroaded through like this?

Like the marriage amendment and informed consent abortion bills, this appears to me to be yet another piece of legislation pushed by religious extremists as an election year wedge issue. Meanwhile, the legislature ignores real issues like property tax reform and living wages for Idaho workers.

Finally, and most critically, shouldn't the matter of requiring parental permission be one decided by local school boards, and not by the state?

My husband and I are the parents of an 11-year-old girl, and I agree parents
generally have the right to know what their kids are doing in school.

That right ends, however, when a teen's life may be put in danger by revealing to his or her parents that he or she is gay or lesbian. Until now, there has been no state law requiring parental permission for clubs, so it appears Rep. Nonini's bill is a direct response to the formation of the Gay Straight Alliance club at a school in his district. Therefore, his action in bringing this bill is just plain discriminatory.

Please oppose this bill and get back to finishing the work Idahoans pay you to do.

Diana Rowe Pauls

I just realized that this bill has exceptions: sports programs and competitive scholastic clubs.

So that REALLY does pretty much spell out Nonini's motives.

In addition, does anybody else see the hypocrisy of allowing the military recruiters into our children's school files without our knowledge or permission... while requiring permission from parents for the child to join a club at school? I think I'd feel a lot better about my child's well-being if they were a member of Gay/Straight Alliance than if they were in the Army, but maybe that is just me.

Come to think of it, if my child was homosexual, the military doesn't want them anyway...

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