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The band also did plenty of between-songs knob-twiddling, probably because this was their first live show before the tour officially starts next week.

No, that's their modus operandi. In fact, they're pretty notorious for taking a long time between each song to get the tone for the next song right. They're hard rockers in spite of being old and taking forever between tracks, though.

Julie Fanselow

Marcus, thanks for setting me straight. This was my first BTS show, but I hope it won't be the last. I'm hoping for an outdoor show later this summer, though it'll be hard to beat the baptism of being six feet away from the stage at the Big Easy.

Being old myself, older than the BTS boys, I had no trouble with the knob-twiddling. It gave me a chance to catch my breath.

Jeremy Jensen

That kid that didn't like that show just doesn't get BTS, evidently. I've been a fan since '92 and it ranked up there with the best of their shows.

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