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sharon fisher

Yeah, Sali fits right in with the Club for Growth people. I heard him say that senior citizens shouldn't be able to use Medicaid for nursing homes, because their families were missing out on the opportunity to be able to care for them at home.

It's also interesting to me that the Club for Growth is apparently against sugar subsidies, which should go over well here, where sugar beets are one of the major crops.


While this is interesting, and could be looked into, I'm not sure that "someone writing to the paper about Sali belongs to a group with ties to Abramoff" is really that much of a smoking gun. After all, someone could find that someone writing to the Statesman about Larry has ties to MoveOn.org, which would show that Larry "keeps company" with that group. (In Idaho, my guess is that having ties to MoveOn would be as deadly politically as having ties to Abramoff.)


I would venture to say that most Idahoans, especially Conservative ones, have no idea what moveon.org even is. I do agree that being tied to moveon.org can be politically dangerous in Idaho, if people know what it is. One need only say it is a "liberal" group and that is enough. How sad.

Julie in Boise

Bubblehead, you have got to be kidding! MoveOn.org is positively mainstream compared to Toward Tradition, and the Abramoff tie is the icing on the cake.

In my opinion, MoveOn.org is unfarily painted as some sort of radical organization, but its aims and values are mostly quite centrist (as Alan at Idablue pointed out a while back ...). After all, it originally started as an organization urging the country to "move on" beyond Clinton's ridiculous impeachment for his indiscretions with Ms Monica in the Oval Office - "move on" because the country's pressing business was not getting done. And it still isn't. That's MoveOn's main beef, and it's a far cry from the fundamentalist clap-trap and free-market destructiveness of Toward Tradition and the Club for Growth.

Julie in Boise

I put up a diary at Kos on the Sali-Abramoff tie. Please read it and recommend it if you have a Kos account. (Recommends allowed until midmorning Friday.) Click my name to get there.


Julie, you may be right, but it won't sell in Idaho -- remember the Margaret Cho fiasco at the MoveOn awards banquet? And I'd be willing to bet that as many Idahoans, especially conservatives, know about MoveOn as know about Abramoff.

Julie in Boise

MoveOn distanced itself from Cho. Click my name.

Gosh darn entertainers, you can never rein 'em in. I guess I put Ann Coulter in that category, since it's hard to take her seriously.


I know I don't (take her seriously)...

Vicky Davis

The message that all honest office seekers in Idaho need to get across is that the labels 'democrat' and 'republican' don't mean anything - not anymore.

The conservative base of the republican party has been betrayed by the criminal cabal both in office and as a part of the political machine that puts them there (ATR, Club for Growth, etc.)

Politicians need to be labeled 'globalist-internationalist' or Patriot - because that is more accurate and relevant and it crosses party lines.

Julie in Boise

Thanks for the comment, Vicky, but R and D are the labels we're stuck with for now - and I disagree that they're meaningless. The media may try to say Dems don't stand for anything, but I think it boils down to something Chris said a few threads ago:

Democrats are the party of "we"
Republicans are the party of "me"

What is globalist-internationalist? Are we in that camp when we invade a country based on faulty and/or selective intelligence, or when we work to end the AIDS pandemic in Africa? Or both?

Are we patriots when we follow orders blindly, or when we question those orders?

I am proud to call myself a Democrat. I think Republicans have some things to be proud of, too, notably their early work to end slavery, their mid-20th century caution against erecting the vast military-industrial state we're now forced to prop up, and their one-time efforts at fiscal responsibility and restraint.

But the Republicans of today are not the Repuiblicans of Lincoln nor Eisenhower nor even Bush I, and I can't imagine many mainstream Republicans feel proud of their party today.

sharon fisher

I think that for the case of Larry Grant specifically, trying to paint this as a Democrat-Republican thing is a mistake. There's way too many people who have enough negative associations with 'Democrat' for that to be helpful. I think we should stay away from those labels as much as possible.

Instead, I would suggest focusing on Sali as a marginalized extremist on the fringe, funded by outside forces, and explain Larry's values and how they're much more in tune with those of everyday Idahoans.

Julie in Boise


I can't argue with that.


Elephant Man

ROFLMAO! Oh you Dems are desperate! Sali-Abramhoff connection! Oh that is funny.. are you that desperate??? I think that you need to be more worried about your boy Grant who in the recent meeting with Pat Sullivan and Phil Reberger two GOP heavyweights told them that he did NOT support INEEL and would never support drilling in Anawar.... throw in that he is pro choice and despises President Bush I think "Congressman Sali" is right around the corner...!!!

Elephant Man

NEWS PLASH Larry Grant has ties to Jack Abramoff!!!!!!!!

You see Larry and Jack were both Boy Scouts... so this proves beyond any doubt that Larry Grant and Jack Abramoff are cut from the same cloth.... ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

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