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Tara Rowe

I rarely listen to music that was produced in my lifetime and admit to liking the Stones (Paint It Black is one of my favorite songs), but...

Have we not learned anything from their horrific Super Bowl performance? And are we sure Keith Richards has healed up from his recent fall?

In 1981, had I been alive, I would have sold my soul to see the Stones live, but now? No, not nearly as appealing.

Julie in Boise

Tara, good call on reminding us about the Super Bowl show - and I'd forgotten about Richards' fall (though he does have four more months to heal before this gig).

Tara Rowe

Well, since he is 195 years old he WILL need those four months to heal!!

sharon fisher

wow, this is the first I'd heard that they were coming. That's an amazing coup for Boise.

Julie in Boise

A coup indeed, and maybe it means we will see some other big shows come here. U2 would be high on my list (even though I have seen 'em three times, all back in the 1980s).

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