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It sure didn't stop Newsweek from putting Bush and Rumsfeld on the cover (with "DENIAL" in all caps) with a big ol' excerpt from Woodward's book and several companion stories inside. Foley got two pages, but the revelations about Rumsfeld and the chaotic Bush White House took up eight or ten.

The group that is most likely to be distracted by Foleygate are Republican Congressmen themselves, not voters or the media.


So what's the smoking gun? That we had warnings that Al Qaeda wanted to hijack planes? Of course we did -- everyone knew that. We also had lots of other warnings of attacks that didn't happen that nobody ever hears about. I'm not sure I see your point. People who don't understand the way intel works act like these were the only warnings of any attacks we had ever received -- trust me, they aren't. Are you claiming that Ashcroft knew planes were going to be flown into buildings, and he didn't want to die that way, so that's why he stopped flying?
Seriously, had Ashcroft started rounding up all Arabs who had attended flight schools in August 2001, would you have supported it?

Re: the Foley leak: Maybe conspiracy theorists need to generate a calendar listing days when news can be released between now and the election where people won't claim it's all a "Rovian plot". You're giving Rove way too much credit; the reason he's been successful in the past is the incredible incompetence of his political opponents.

julie in Boise

Bubblehead, I understand what you are saying. The "smoking gun," in my mind, is that THIS threat convinced him to stop flying commercial - but not take further action, such as calling back his boss from a monthlong vacation, perhaps.

Please name Rove's opponents who were incompetent. Gore? Kerry? Dispassionate, perhaps, but definitely not incompetent.

Philocretes, I am not sure Newsweek is an accurate barometer. Other media ranging from NPR to Fox seem to be focusing more on the Foley story. Moreover, Newsweek's deadline (Friday or Saturday?) came before the full implications of the story became manifest.

If the GOP did engineer the Foley leak (and I am just speculating), Rove or whomever probably figured it wouldn't go much farther than one congressman - not that it would have prompted a circular firing squad among the House leadership. But what started as a two-news-cycle story has become a quagmire for the GOP, and is serving to point out the party's lack of priorities (power over people, always).


Gore: Couldn't even win his "home" state - even Mondale managed to do that. Stated that he'd "make it a litmus test" that his nominees for Joint Chief positions oppose a law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, then backed down as soon as it was pointed out how ridiculous that was. Didn't stop his supporters from trying to throw out military absentee ballots in Florida until it was all over the news.

Kerry: Displayed no apparent core beliefs other than that he should be President. Everything else seemed to be negotiable, depending on what group he was talking to.

Both politically incompetent.


So three things make Gore totally incompetent?

"Core beliefs"? Seems a little subjective so I am not sure we can even debate that. And for being politically incompetent, Kerry sure kicked Bush's ass in those debates.

And I won't even go into the debate over whether the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. If they were stolen, I think your arguments would be null and void. BinkyBoy, where are you?



Both politically incompetent.

Nah, both just have ethics, something Republicans lack. Yes they lost (er, one of them did anyway) but they didn't sink to the level of depravity that is somehow ok with the "moral values" party.

No matter what your Politics 101 book tells you; in America the ends never justify the means... not to true Americans anyway.

Julie in Boise

Following on what Chris said, a very disturbing story I just heard on NPR. Click my name.

Let us please find the will to admit we must find a way to fight terrorists that doesn't turn our young men and women into terrorists themselves.

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