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 Vincent DeWitt

Great to see all the good news up and down the state. However, we must get our troops on the street, and the phones ringing every day until November 7th. let's GO Team!!

Julie in Boise

Vince is right ... it's imperative that everyone sign up to do something these last two weekends and on election day. At this point, the county coordinated campaigns are where help is most needed, so contact your county Democratic Party and sign up to help. Click my name for the county party directory.

Kurt Marko

Brady's insider poll is obviously suspect, but here's a bit of corroborating information that perhaps the governorship isn't a slam dunk for Butch. The latest Rothenberg Report (see http://rothenbergpoliticalreport.blogspot.com/2006/10/2006-gubernatorial-ratings_27.html) shows the Idaho governor race to be a "narrow advantage" for the incumbent party. This is certainly not normal in the post-Andrus era and a signal to all downhearted and disaffected Democrats in Idaho to get out and vote on the 7th.

Julie Fanselow

The Statesman promises a new poll on Sunday that will have "surprising findings in key Idaho election races," according to the paper's Page 1 teaser on Friday. Hmmmm ...

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