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The Nickel-Plated JA

OMFG I want one! I was just thinking earlier about how to do something Sali-is-evil-looking themed. I mean, seriously, the guy looks like either a grown-up Eddie Munster, or the illegitimate demon-spawn of Satan and Count Chocula.

Diana Rowe Pauls


Julie in Boise

You are in luck, You can get copies of this button for $4 apiece, including tax and shipping. Send orders to Hotbutton 6639 Hummel Dr. Boise, Idaho 83709.

Because the creator is busy managing a campaign right now, do NOT expect delivery before Election Day. Sorry! But hey, when Larry wins, these will be instant collector's items -and even if the worst occurs and Sali wins, well, let's not talk about that. J

Peter Nguyen

Hey everyone Jerry did a FANTASTIC job at the debate yesterday, please don't forget to vote in the poll at


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