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Great shot, girl!...Keep it up!

The Nickel-Plated JA

Don't lump DFA in with the rest of them though, please. Yes we need help locally (I'll attest to that, having just phone-banked by myself last night from state party HQ), but a functioning local DFA chapter would go a looooong way toward helping us recruit/organize potential campaign volunteers. And I have been getting material FROM DFA for use locally, as could any number of others here as well.

Oh, and there's that other matter about how much damage will be done to the Party everwhere, over the long-term, should a certain East Coast Senator who doesn't know when to call it quits get re-elected sans nomination....

Julie Fanselow


I take your point, and by the way, I am a DFA Trust member, which means make a small monthly donation from my bank account (but only after I signed up for similar contributions to the Ada and Idaho Dems, and the DNC, for that matter).

I sat in on several of DFA's excellent fall campaign calls and I yesterday recveived my very cool "Vote" post-it notes. As you say, much of what DFA is doing is applicable to campaigns everywhere.

We had a DFA chapter here, but it flagged because the most active people were also serving as precinct captains, in campaigns, etc. I think it may still be meeting, but when push came to shove, I decided my time and energies can only go so far, and the local DFA meeting was the easiest thing to cross off my list.

All I am saying is that if people do have time and money to give in this home stretch, they need to give it here at home, where it will do the most good right now.

I love DFA!!! I think everyone ought to sign up ... but only if they're already donating time and money to their county Democratic party and the Idaho Democratic Party.

Julie Fanselow

By the way, I agree with you about the certain East Coast senator. But that race is awash in money, and it's far more important to do whatever we can to get IDAHO Democrats elected - and especially to keep one outrageously bad candidate with the apropos initials BS far, far away from DC.

The Nickel-Plated JA

I'm with you on Mr. BS... to the point of specifically picking a precinct when moving back 1700 miles after 11 years, precisely to bring two votes to bear in that and another (House 16) race!

I'm thinking (as the *other* DfA Trustee in the area) that after New Year's I'm going to take the bull by the horns and try to jump-start DfA locally (it wouldn't be the first group I've pulled together), even if it means mucking through some red-tape and hurt-feelings to make it happen....

And I'm also not sure how much locally someone from, say, Rupert, could accomplish locally beyond the statewide races; so much, in terms of national policy/efforts, is going to be decided on the basis of candidates like Ned Lamont, Jerry McNerney, Claire McCaskill, that I'd find it hard to want dissuade that person from making *those* efforts, especially if they'd already max'd out Jim Hansen's modest, self-imposed ceiling.

Julie Fanselow

Good call on the "someone from Rupert."

In fact, the Magic Valley (where I lived 15 years and launched a Dean for America group in Twin Falls) is one of the only areas in the state with a good population base that has NOT adequately benefited from the 50-state strategy.

From what I've heard, they simply couldn't find anyone to take the coordinated campaign job there. But I *still* expect Dems to do well, especially behind Jerry Brady, who made a lot of friends in the MV with his strong stand against Sempra.

Welcome back to Idaho!

Golden Trout

It would be great if Larry or Jerry had a computer-based phone-banking operation like MoveOn or even Jack Carter. Then "Idahoans-in-exile" like me could help out with phone calls.

By the way, when Larry and Jerry win, I'm gonna make myself a batch of finger steaks. Can't get 'em where I live now.

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