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Jim is one of the best our party has to offer.


I have already voted abentee and I voted for Jim, and would encourage folks to also vote for him. Jim has dedicated his life to people and issues that matter; in the day to day life of Idaho citizens.

He is the type of person who WILL make a difference and who remembers where he comes from. That will not change when he is in D.C., the people in District 2 will know he is working hard for them and for the state of Idaho.

A vote for Jim Hansen is a vote for Idaho and Idaho values.



Thank you for your inspirational words about Jim Hansen and for your hard work for Idaho.


I've been on the Jim bandwagon for a long time. UVI has been one of the only voices for legislative accountability in this state and has helped bring the progressive community together.

If there are any self described "progressives" out there who have NOT contributed to Jim's campaign, get out your checkbook and make an investment in honest government.

So many of us complain about money in politics and corruption in DC, but the most many of us are willing to do is vote. That leaves the rest of the process in the hands of the wealthy and corporate interests. We need to exert our ownership over the process, but that also includes responsibilities that extend beyond the voting booth.

I know that many of us have contributed, are working on campaigns and stepping up to help the candidates we support. But the numbers show there are still many sitting on the sidelines.

Jim is the real deal, and his self-imposed campaign contribution limits show that. The Party isn't too happy about his position, because it is in opposition to the status quo for fundraising. The more the merrier.

Jim is providing an opportunity for average people to participate in the campaign process in a meaningful and powerful way. I wish he could speak personally to every voter as there would be no question who would win the election.

I know we're all being hit hard by fundraising. We have given more this year than all previous years combined. We don't have extra money, savings, investments, we have debts and medical issues that could also use some green. But we feel that this is so important, and that Jim is exactly what we need to move away from corruption and duplicity, that our contributions to his campaign are really investments in our political future.

Even if it seems like an uphill battle, we simply can't sit by and watch as the hero of our causes struggles along without our support. Jim has been working very hard and made great progress with his campaign, but doing more and reaching more people requires the time and financial support of the base. That's us!

Please be generous (up to $100) and help Jim be our champion in the 2nd district.

BTW Mike Simpson is a HUGE Republican money machine. Check out his dirty money at fec.gov

Here is a letter to the editor I sent to the Statesman. They've confirmed the letter but it hasn't been published yet.

"Mike Simpson says his campaign donors “philosophically agree” with him on the issues. Does that mean Simpson is in philosophical agreement with donors such as convicted felon Jack Abramoff or his former coworkers at DC lobbying firm Cassidy & Associates, Laura Neal and Lawrence Grossman? Do Simpson’s contributors represent his values?

According to the FEC, the majority, over 76%, of Simpson's campaign money comes from PAC and corporate contributions. Top donors include those from Cassidy & Associates and from Cavarocchi, Ruscio, Dennis Associates, another lobby group with ties to Abramoff.

Only 18% of individual contributions are from Idahoans, representing 7% of the total dollar amount. Of that 7%, nearly %60 is from Idaho Power executives. Does this mean that Simpson has more in common, philosophically, with corporations and lobbyists than ordinary Idaho citizens?

It’s clear that corruption is rampant in national politics, and Idaho’s representatives are not insulated. Craig and Otter have also been beneficiaries of the Abramoff cartel’s largesse.

Why the good, hard working people of Idaho would find this acceptable is beyond me. While elected Republicans claim to share the values and beliefs of Idaho citizens, it’s clear their hands and hearts lie elsewhere. Vote for change in November."

Julie in Boise

Thanks for the comments, Elizabeth. That is an excellent letter.

I am proud to say I "maxed out" for Jim in both the primary and the general, and it felt great. How often can a middle-class Democrat max out? Not very often, but with his $100 max per cycle, Jim is letting us all be equal participants in this process. Go Jim!! Everyone watch the debate tonight on Idaho PTV, 7 p.m.

Julie in Boise

Mary, thanks for the kick-ass show on Friday night. That was big fun indeed.

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