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Ugh, in two words: "Peter Principle". It will probably swell his head even bigger than it already is.

Diana Rowe Pauls

For sure... "Peter Principle"-- you nailed it right on the head.

But think of the joy and pride felt by folks such as his uberfan at http://billsalifan.blogspot.com/ ! Gosh, I will enjoy watching him try to explain future statements and actions by his hero for the next two years! (Of course, considering the remainder of the elected candidates in Idaho, that may be one of my few joys but I'll take 'em as I can find 'em...)

Julie Fanselow

Thanks, you guys.. I am doing a diary at Kos on this and was trying to think of that term of the most mediocre rising to the top.

Julie Fanselow


Julie in Boise

There's much more on this at Daily Kos:



Well I suppose it will make Idaho a nightly topic on the Daily News and the Colbert Report...Even FASTER then we all knew it would.



umm is that sali fan blog, meant to be satire/tongue in cheek??

or is that real??

frankly it made me laugh and think of http://www.landoverbaptist.org/


Julie in Boise

Nah, it's not that good!!

In fact, it's really pretty bad. The question is: Is it intentionally bad?


laughs exactly

shakes head

you truly CAN find anything on the web!


sharon fisher

Julie, the most appropriate expression I can think of for what you asked is "Shit floats." :)

I think we should chip in and get him a propeller beanie.

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