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sharon fisher

Actually, I have a better idea. Columbia Journalism Review, if it's still around, had a Cheers and Jeers column that posted items like that.

Mary Lou

This is an ABSOLUTE fabrication. I am an insider who knows what happened...I can't get into the specifics because if I said what happened, even if it's true, he could sue me. But Mr. James's firing was justified. And he WAS NOT FIRED FOR WHAT HE SAYS HE WAS. What he did to get himself fired he ought to be ashamed of. The man has some nerve to make that up.
Don't bother with CJR.


Hey, Mary Lou -- it's Robert James writing. Yep, I'll use my real name. What did I do, oh anonymous tipster? If I can sue you for what you say, then get this, lady...IT'S NOT TRUE. You see, truth is an absolute defense to libel or slander accusations.

Anyway, I am proud to have been the editor of the BFH. Obviously, Mary Lou has issues.

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