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Diana Rowe Pauls

I know I've said this in other places but it's too funny/sad not to repeat...

I've been told that long long ago (I can't even remember which decade... 70s? 80s?), there was a joke among governors about the current Idaho governor. It went something like this: If state governors had a meeting together, they needed to bring flip charts and colored markers for the governor from Idaho so they could draw pictures to help him when he became confused...

Maybe we should make the same suggestion to Speaker Pelosi? Because it sounds as if Idaho's reputation is going to take another hit...


I just have one lament--why no video...come on people...cameras are everywhere...that would have been priceless...I can hear munchkins in the background and everything....

Hilarious, simply hilarious...if it weren't so sad.


Apparently someone thinks that Sali showed up at the Democratic Caucus on purpose.

"I seriously doubt that's the way it really happened. My guess is that Sali went there to Stand Up for Conservative Principles, and let Pelosi know that he was going to oppose her. Of course, the liberals have to try to spin this to make it look like Congressman-elect Sali is some sort of not smart person. They're going to be surprised when Bill Sali single-handedly blocks Pelosi's anti-American and anti-God schemes!"


Oh my...sigh...where to start....

Julie Fanselow

Yikes. Serious delusions of grandeur there ...

It's gonna be a long two years, but I am glad we'll have another source of unintended entertainment via billsalifan. Adam Graham has to be nursing verrrrry sore shoulders from carrying Bill Sali's banner all by himself in the Idaho blogosphere these past 10-odd months.

The Nickel-Plated JA

I'm *hoping* that Governor's Association joke was in the mid-90s... or *very* early 70s. I can't see them saying it about Bob Smylie or Cecil Andrus or John Evans or Teflon Dirk. In fact, Smylie and Andrus are/were both bona fide geniuses. Now Samuleson or Batt, on the other hand, maybe.

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