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The Nickel-Plated JA

I'm just disappointed it had to come down to that in the first place; seeing an impending battle, like the one yesterday, on the horizon, they should have tried to find a compromise candidate -- maybe by bringing someone new (to the leadership, not the House) in, such as Bart Gordon (TN) or Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (OH); or for that matter, why not just leapfrog everything and make Jim Clyburn (SC) the Majority Leader and let Murtha and Hoyer be co-equal whips?

Diana Rowe Pauls

Thank you, Julie, for pointing this out. I was feeling frustrated at the media coverage which was making such a big deal out of this process when it really didn't need to be. I thought that it was great that they were going through the American process of democracy, rather than the previous pattern of "follow the leader no matter what". But it seemed as if the media kept saying "Dems are fighting" enough, people would start believing the Dem party was unstable (kind of like if they keep saying Iraq is about 9/11, people would believe it. Oh, yeah, people DID start believing it, didn't they?)

Anyway, thanks for putting words to the feelings that I didn't understand yet!


Well said, Julie. Since when did the fundamental act of democracy - voting one's conscience - become a winner-take-all referendum on everyone who didn't win? The proof will come in the coming weeks and months when we see of the Pelosi-Hoyer team can actually get anything done (and I'm not optimistic on that score), but the media presentation of this vote has been more suitable for the sports pages than political news.

And why is it that, when Trent Lott wins his old spot back by a single vote, it's some kind of redemptive triumph rather than evidence of a bitterly divided GOP?

Julie Fanselow

Well put. But I have some hope that the majority of Republicans are ready to get down to business, too. Today's GOP House leadership vote - much more lopsided than the Dems' - was a strong rebuke to the reactionary wing of the party as personified by Republican Study Group and its leader Mike Pence. Many non-RSG Republicans who barely kept their jobs know that they, too, have a mandate to get the country back on track. I am cautiously optimistic at this point.

Bill Baar

Watch Murtha's Abscam Video.

No "nurturient parent" Murtha.

Now well have him instead at Defense Appropriations where he can earmark away our National Security nurturing Defense Contractors with useless but expensive weapon systems to fight yesterday's wars.

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