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The Nickel-Plated JA

I'd LOVE to see Obama getting sworn in... especially the fact he's an Xer... consider THAT an endorsement.

OTOH, any combination of Edwards, Obama, Richardson, Schweitzer, Reich, Lofgren, and Boucher would be fine by me :) [also note a couple of deliberate omissions from that list]

Bill Baar

I voted for him but when I found out he's been having dinner with Tony Rezko since 1990 a couple of times a year, I got a new perspective on the guy. Rezko has poisned Illinois politics and looks like Obama climbed in bed with him...and has been there for some time. I had expected far more from Obama.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Wait a minute -- saying Rezko poisoned Illinois politics is like saying Brutus was the 47th guy to stab Caesar! Those waters have been fouled since long before Tony Rezko was born, and there isn't a SuperFund big enough to clean them up.

Personally, the allegations about Obama that keep me up at night are about ties to Archer Daniels Midland; if true, that might handcuff him in either reducing the amount of corn under cultivation or taking steps to ban HFCS as a food additive -- both of which I see as critical steps in the fight against obesity. I'd love to know more about whether there is anything to the link: OpenSecrets doesn't show any contributions to him in '04.

Julie in Boise

For the rest of us who are going, "say what?," here's an article on the Obama-Rezko ties:


"Saying Rezko poisoned Illinois politics is like saying Brutus was the 47th guy to stab Caesar!"

Funny stuff!

Tara A. Rowe

On a completely different topic--does Obama's wife have braces? The way she has her lips "smooshed" into a smile has me wondering.

Julie Fanselow

Tara, you just have to go read the deconstruction of the photo at the Next First Lady blog I noted above in the update. There's no mention of braces, but there are remarks on the smile.


Does Obama take equal pride in both his white and black roots?


btw hes president now ;)

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