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Diana Rowe Pauls

I posted some links at my blog to help with sending letters to legislators and newspapers...

Julie in Boise

Good idea, Diana. Thanks. Let's let 'em hear from us.


Another blow to democracy in Idaho. Can dissoulution of the Democratic party and jailing of said members be far behind? I am ready to just give up paying attention. The GOP is just going to do whatever they want and nobody will be able to stop them.

Julie Fanselow


Hey, I hear you. I often feel state government in Idaho is beyond redemption, and this seems like more proof of that.

But I am heartened by the Dems' response. Let's just remember that Democrats picked up six seats in the House this year, and - however slowly - we are chipping away at the GOP. A few years from now, we may well look back on this as the beginning of the end of the Idaho GOP's arrogant lock on power.

The Nickel-Plated JA

And we still have the 14th Amendment! It'll be interesting to see when/whether/if Denney winds up in court over the JFAC appointments -- a little judicial activism at its finest. For that matter, it's possible the entire process by which the Speaker election takes place could be reviewed; if the 19 House Democrats had been allowed to vote on it *at all* (as is the case in some other states) it is likely they would have represented enough votes to switch the winner from Denney to Deal -- is anyone else feeling "disenfranchised" ?

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