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Kurt Marko

[Julie says]

I think that's my main problem with Butch Otter: He seems mostly incurious about the world around him. This came through loud and clear in his high-gloss, low-substance campaign for governor, which he basically launched because he professed to be bored in Congress. It also makes itself known in many of his public pronouncements, which tend to show Otter as someone who views the world in black and white.

[end of Julie says]

Just who does this incurious politican/"elected official" remind you of?

...yes, I agree.

Good thing Gov'ner Butch doesn't have an army at his disposal.

David Erin Anthony

It’s time to swap some Governor elect stories. For the last couple of years I have worked with the Idaho chapter of National History Day. It's a statewide competition for students in grades 4 through 12 (Governor Risch hasn’t been able to kill this project yet). The state competition is held at Albertson College. Otter was the guest speaker. Now this actually sounded like a good idea. Governor Otter graduated from Albertson College as a history major. Good idea right? No joke, he got up before the packed auditorium of elementary and secondary students and gave a 15 minute speech on immigration reform! I had to keep looking at the floor during the speech. Otherwise I would have started to laugh. Finally we began to hand out the awards. The first little girl came up to receive her ribbon. As I was handing her the ribbon I heard a stampede coming across the state. Here comes good old C.L. and in tow was Sen. McGee from Caldwell. The two jumped in front of me to get in to shake the girls hand while her mom snaps the photo.

Julie Fanselow


Yes indeed, I was thinking of Incurious George the whole time I wrote this post.


Your History Day story is a gem, perfectly encapsulating Otter's blend of tone-deaf rhetoric and plastic politico persona. Image over inspiration. Hair over history. We're in for four long years.

Yer dang tootin' I'd welcome more Otter stories. Bring 'em on.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Well, let's start with the appearance-of-revenge moment this week: Wasn't newly-non-renewed head of Corrections Vaughn Killeen the Ada County Sheriff when the then-Lt.-Gov. was busted for a DUI?

Julie Fanselow

You don't say?!


It wasn't the DUI from a dozen years + ago. I think every person that Risch appointed has been replaced by Otter: Killeen, Tibbs, the Director at Health and Welfare, Carolyn Terteling. Otter & Risch are not buds, despite sharing the same party label and religion. This dynamic will make for some entertainment in the coming years.

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