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John McGimpsey

Julie -

I'm a Mac-head from way back (since Amiga went away), though I do PC as well. I'm also a Microsoft MVP for Office, so I may be able to help, though I can't just pop over for a house call.

I have no trouble accessing the Voter database using Safari or Firefox (and have used Chimera and Opera as well). The only quirk I've had is that the vendors have set up printing for PC-IE, so the pages don't line up quite right (but then I customize my printouts anyway).


I use a PC, but I also have a iMac. I would like to make the switch to the new Mac laptops, but I am very happy with my laptop I purchased 16 months ago (Fujitsu). I actually have a Compaq laptop and a Fujitsu, and then an iMac.

When my Fujitsu stops working, or I decide to upgrade, I will seriously look at an iBook, though keep an open mind because I love Fujitsu's.

Julie Fanselow

John, are you saying you can do VAN on your Mac?! This is the message I get when I access it via Safari and Firefox:

"It appears that you are not using Internet Explorer as your browser. Because this site was developed for Internet Explorer, you could encounter some problems if you continue to use this browser."

So I've always just stopped there. Maybe I should forge ahead!

Julie Fanselow

As for the printing issue with Office for Mac, it seems isolated to the iMac. I don't have the printing problems at all with the iBook.

Jessica, thanks for the good word on Fujitsu. At some point, I'll probably need to replace the Averatec with another Windows laptop, so I'll keep that in mind.

Scott Wells


1. Use the Firefox browser on your Mac.

2. If you can't use Firefox for the Id. Dem db, ask their IT person why. It has enough of a market share -- more than Safari anyway -- to merit some attention. Or see if the db can "take" Netscape Navigator. Firefox is essentially a successor to Navigator, and I've found many sites that don't think they can be seen by Firefox do because of a legacy connection to Navigator.

John McGimpsey

Julie -

Just ignore the message, and access VAN in your favorite browser. Works fine for me.


It is very difficult to find Fujitsu's. I got mine in the Seattle area. Apparently Fujitisu's are known for having the best screens-just look at the picture you get on a Fujitsu vs. any other laptop and be amazed at the impressive quality and difference.

I have had Compaq, HP, and Averatec laptops. This Fujitsu beats them all hands down.

The only other brand I will consider is a Sony, but you overpay for the name and you get more bang for your buck with a Fujitsu.

But this is just my humble opinion.

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