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Looking at these results, perhaps IdahoRocks at myblueidaho.blogspot.com is on to the winning ticket, the Gore Edwards combo.

Can Edwards get over his lame votes in the Senate? Could these southern sons actually, like, win in Tennessee?


The link didn't work for me to the Statesman. I am hoping there is a way for me to get an Al Gore ticket seeing as how I don't live in Boise and can't just go to BSU to get one.

Julie in Boise

I've fixed the Statesman link. Sorry about that.

Jessica (and others from out of town who are keen to go), I'd suggest emailing Garry Wenske, whose address is noted in the article, and seeing if there will be any way to get tix by mail.

I drove from Twin Falls to hear Al Gore at BSU in 1992. He rocked the hourse then; his message is even more important now.


Thanks Julie!


"Sorry, but because of the demand, free tickets must be picked up at the
BSU SUB. Reserved seats are $50 each. See attached. Garry Wenske"


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