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Tara Rowe

What a beautiful Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing, Julie.

sharon fisher

Actually, we haven't had a white Christmas since 1998, according to Channel 7 this morning.

Julie Fanselow

Yep, white Christmases in southern Idaho seem about as common as Democrats in Clark County. Two Christmases past, both from Twin Falls, come to mind:

When Natalie was three, I think, she got a tricycle and was able to ride it that day. We did sidewalk chalk drawings that day, too.

Another year (it may have been 1998!), I went for a walk Christmas morning. Just after I started, huge wet snowflakes started falling. By the time I'd walked three blocks, the snow was starting to accumulate and several inches had fallen by the time I got home. It was literally an instant white Christmas. I'll never forget it!

d2 at 43rdstateblues

I'd thought I was doomed to humming Bing Crosby throughout the big day here in Idaho Falls.

Murphy's law to the rescue: I credit our sudden snowiness here to my in-laws that they'd be safe short-cutting from Rock Springs to McCammon via US 30 rather than going on I-80 thru Ogden.

Instead we've got 2 modest snow storms, and last night's drive to Pocatello was 60% in mild, dreamy *FOG*. Awesome!

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