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Fiasco by Ricks is a must read and a very good book. I highly recommend.

David Erin Anthony

Yes, I am an ubergeek and prefer the documentaries or non fictional work. I don't get to read much during the semester so I keep a bookshelf stocked up with the books I plan to read during the break. Since winter break has begun I have read John Grisham's "The Innocent Man." This was his first attempt at non fiction and I believe he did a wonderful job. Now I am about to polish off James Bradley's "Flags of Our Fathers." Again, a wonderful story of a son's journey to discover who his father was along with the other young men who appeared in the famous photo of the flag raising over Iwo Jima. Next on my list will be Jimmy Carter's "Palesitne, Peace Not Apartheid." I have read other novesls by our beloved ex President. I am reminded after reading each of his novels why he is one of my heros.
As for television I cannot say. I'm a rather sad individual. I would prefer to watch old reruns of M*A*S*H or whatever is on The Discovery or History Channel so I couldnt tell you whats "good."


Stephen Colbert at the White House Press Corps dinner was the best stealth roasting ever. I thought it was so amazing that I purchased the CD. Anyone interested in seeing W be force fed crow should give this a watch. Priceless.


Best Political Development? The 50 state strategy of Howard Dean.

Funniest Movie: Borat.

Best thing to happen to Boise in 2006? Coach Petersen and the BSU Broncos.

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