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The Nickel-Plated JA

Isn't his first name "Larry" ?

Julie Fanselow

Of course. That's what I get for trying to keep this blog going with a book deadline breathing down my neck!

Thanks for the catch. I've fixed it.

Julie Fanselow

Although, unlike our myriad other political Larrys, Denney goes by Lawrence - formally, at least.

His friends probably call him Larry, but I'm not his friend.


Actually, his first name is Lawerence, as in Law-Er-Ence.

Going with an all-rural leadership in an urban-leaning state should lead to some interesting confrontations down the road.

Julie Fanselow

Geez, you're right. I double-checked at the state leg website. I need a copy editor something fierce. Fixed again.


Bill Deal -- a MODERATE? Quit grading on the curve.

Let's let the pendulem swing further to the right so that someday it will come back further to the left.


also interesting is that the house dems didn't choose either nicole lefavour or anne pasley-stuart for one of their leadership positions, even though the majority of the pickups were in BOISE.

Tara Rowe

I think sticking with Wendy is not only good for Democrats, but geez, Wendy deserves a freakin' medal of honor for surviving that entire mess with Bill Sali!


um, wendy wasn't challenged to my knowledge. and there was an open caucus seat.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Frankly, as deep as our minority is, the Democratic leadership seats in both houses don't mean very much; the *real* power for Democrats in the Statehouse are the seats on JFAC.

Julie in Boise

From the Statesman this morning:

House Democrats voted Wednesday night to keep leader Jaquet; incumbent George Sayler of Coeur d'Alene over Boise's Nicole LeFavour as assistant majority leader; John Rusche of Lewiston over Boise's Anne Pasley Stuart for the open caucus chair seat.

Senate Democrats kept leader Clint Stennett of Ketchum; chose Boise's David Langhorst for assistant majority leader and Boise's Kate Kelly for caucus chair.

The Nickel-Plated JA

It'd be kinda hard to bypass Boise in the Senate leadership: of the 7 Democrats, 4 (Langhorst, Burkett, Kelly, and Werk) are from Boise and only 3 (Stennett, Malepai, and Bilyeu) are from the rest of the state!

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