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Julie Fanselow

Did you see Al Gore's presentation? What did you think?

Alex in Boise


It seems to me that the major treasure valley news media has taken a rather less than lukewarm or negative approach when reporting on Al Gore's appearance, and that they made quite an effort in looking hard to find opposition to Al Gore's message about global warming. Even though global warming is a proven fact, it appears to me that they (the local media) were dragged kicking and screaming into reporting on this event.. Have you yourself picked on this possible underlying hostility towards the fmr. vice president? If so. Could you give us a more in depth view on possible reasons and motivations of why the local media may be portraying this in a possible negative light? and what we as citizens can do to address/counter-act the media's portrayal of this event (in specific reference to dealing with the treasure valley media?)


David Erin Anthony

Your statements couldn't be more true. I woke early Monday morning and watched a few minutes of the local news broadcasts. Although both of the newscasts I watched did report that the Vice President (Mr President in MY BOOK TOO!) would be speaking, they made it such a point that Senator Craig would give a press conference in the morning regarding this issue. They also mentioned all about this big protest against the speech. Did anyone see the press conference with our beloved Senator? He stood in the lobby of the airport with a two reporters and cameramen. Woopdidoo! Then for this BIIIGGGG protest rally, I saw 3 people but BY GOLLY the press had it as high at 6! Agast! So anyone have a clue who "Idahoans for Oil" are? I was suprised the honrable Representative from the 1st Congressional District wasnt there (Can you tell by now how much I dislike this bozo?). As for the print, the superior reporting by the Mistakemen was nice to seek out very renouned and respected scientists. One was a Republican Senator from Ohio. What an elegant Quote, "Al Gore is full of crap." Hmmmm, I wonder if this is one of the folks helped by "W" education program, No Senator Left Behind?

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