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Great event last night. But don't link to the Freepers. It only encourages them. Do you think Al will announce his candidacy when he helps collect the Oscar?

tim johnstone

Huff Post has a front page tease for a story at the site.


I wasn't surprised by the information, but it is definitely a convincing presentation. No wonder Larry Craig won't watch it. I'm amazed at Dennis Mansfield’s environmental epiphany, but he sounds sincere. If Al gore can facilitate that conversion, I’m glad he’s got the show on the road.

One of the comments on Kos hit the nail on the had, identifying our current system (energy and economic) as “giant pyramid schemes”. The strength of Gore’s presentation is the systematic and synthetic analysis of the nature of the ecological pyramid and why and how it is on the verge of collapse. Sen. Craig aside, I don’t think the majority of the reality based world needs much convincing that warming is a fact. The real challenge is to implement the remedial actions identified at the end of the presentation, and to do so post haste. And while there are meaningful steps that each of us can take (many were outlined on fliers distributed outside the event) an adequate response can only be achieved through comprehensive reform at the macro level, governments, businesses, and institutions. Our responsibilities individuals is not only to recycle etc. (and as far as I’m concerned that’s the least you can do) but to participate in and demand accountability from the institutions of which we are a part. The response that folks have to Gore’s slide show is just a wake up call to the need for fundamental and permanent changes to the way we live with the earth.

The half-assed “just in case” response of Sen. Craig and other equivocators is completely inadequate and rationally absurd. Either warming is happening, or it’s not. If it is, it’s either a problem or it’s not. Even acknowledging the possibility of GLOBAL warming, acknowledges the extent of the problem and potential impact of the consequences. Insisting that a wait and see, piece meal approach is appropriate is like strolling along the beach naked in the blazing sun while eschewing sunscreen but judiciously choosing to shade your eyes with sunglasses. It may be part of an overall approach, but the outcome will be less than satisfactory.

On a personal note, anyone have a three wheel bike or comfort trike for sale, or have an idea where to find a used ore reasonably priced unit? If I can find a way to get groceries and the dog around, that would just about take care of the majority of my driving needs. Thanks.

Great job on the bloggin there Julie, you’re greatly appreciated.

Julie Fanselow

You're welcome, Idagreen, and thanks for the comments. Good luck on finding that bike. Try Craigslist, maybe?!

Tim, that HuffPo piece is a good read. Thanks. Wish I could figure out a way to link directly.

Sysiphus, I mainly linked to the Freep to show how ridiculous they all are. The fact there were three (or five, depending on which source) protesters last night outside the Gore event shows what a fringe element these people really are at this point.

Julie in Boise

Just wanted to note that Sun Valley City Council member Nils Ribi sent me a link to his blog, which recounts his day at the Frank Church Conference. Thank you, Nils, and keep up the good work there in SV.



Sorry Julie I reread my comment and I sounded a little terse which was unintended. I know why you posted to them I just don't like them thinking that their multiple hits is a sign of approval. Its like mentioning Ann Coulter. She obviously says contoversial and hateful things to draw more attention to herself in order to sell more books. I choose not to engage in her prostitution racket and therefore refuse to acknowledge her existence. Thanks for all you do Julie. Excellent comments Idagreen I couldn't have encapsulated my response to Craig any better.

Irwin Horowitz

Just saw the following article online from the AP:


on a new regulation from the California PUC banning the use of dirty (coal) power sources in the state.

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