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Jerry M.

I seem to remember a presidential candidate from the "00" campaign who drew rave reviews as a "compassionate conservative" as governor he supported education....rising test scores...no child left behind. And, on foreign policy he was absolutely against nation building. Today, George W. smirks "How do you like me now?"
He campaigned as a new kind of republican .... we got Dick Cheney's hand puppett.
Beware efforts to promote Mike Huckabee as something of a moderate. Remember the words of the Decider "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, er, won't get fooled again".

Julie in Boise

Jerry, you are so right.

And I'm not actually thinking of voting for the guy (as if he had a chance).

I just like to say nice things about Republicans once in a while, when they deserve it.

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