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Tara Rowe

A person so convinced of something so false scares me.

Julie Fanselow

No doubt.

I've been over at Kos, where there's a huge thread of play by play - and plenty of snark - for anyone who missed it.

Democratic response coming up from Dick Durbin ...

Julie Fanselow

Click my name for the Kos thread.

Julie Fanselow

Here's what I don't get: We're gonna add 21,500 troops to Iraq and challenge Iran, too?

Where are these people going to come from?

Tara Rowe

We don't have that type of recruitment in the armed services.

What I want to know is where they'll find congressmen to join Sen. Leiberman?

Julie Fanselow

Durbin: Escalation is not what Americans voted for last November. It's time for Iraqis to stand up and secure their nation.

Tara Rowe

I think Durbin was an excellent choice for the Democratic response.

Julie Fanselow

Dubin is taking questions. Why didn't Bush?

Tara Rowe

Because he can't answer questions without making a complete fool of himself?

Tara Rowe

Obama is on MSNBC right now.

Julie in Boise

Right on: He is taking Bush to task for failure to lay out consequences if Iraqis don't start taking responsibility.

Obama: A non-binding resolution will not be insignificant. Says Sam Brownback will oppose troop increase.

Julie Fanselow

Oddly enough, the White House hasn't posted a copy of Bush's address at its website. Click my name to see if that has changed.

Julie in Boise

Bush's remarks are up now. Click my name or here:



I didn't watch the speech, but based on his past speeches, I am going to say that it probably sucked, and I am sure it only confirmed how out of touch with reality he is, and perhaps fewer and fewer people will laugh when I call him a sociopath.

He is a piece of garbage and I hope he rots in hell.


Bush is delusional. To evoke the Iraq Study Group in the speech and then not only ignore but advocate doing exactly the opposite of their recommendations, he's completely lost it. How long must we pay for the "sins" of his father. Freud would have a field day with this guy.

As for Sali, it doesn't surprise me. He's the puppet I always thought him to be.

sharon fisher

I wrote to the other three congressmen but I can't find Sali's web site to write him.

Julie Fanselow

As noted here last week, here's Sali's website:


There's no email link that I can see, though. And maybe Gerry Sweet will get the district office phones hooked up after this weekend's gun show.

The Nickel-Plated JA

For the record, a MAJORITY of us 1st District voters NEVER agreed with Sali in the first place: he won with a slightly-less-than-50-percent plurality.

sharon fisher

yes, I came back here to get Sali's website, and learned he doesn't have email. What a putz.

Of course, I could drive around the corner to his house...

Julie Fanselow

NPJA: You said it. I usually take every opportunity to remind folks that Sali got 49.94%, so thanks for that.

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