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David Erin Anthony

I hope you are correct about the top 3 finish. Unfortunately I fear the powers in charge will be cruel to BSU and I could see a raking between 5 and 7. Of course this would be a slap in the face and would echo the call for a revamping of the system. National champions means NATIONAL. They are not just from one of the prevelaged few.

Julie Fanselow

I wish I could stay up to see the ratings, but I need to call it a night ... so I'll find out tomorrow.

Florida sure dominated that game, eh? We watched a movie during the second and third quarters!

Irwin Horowitz

It's kinda funny...I used to HATE the Gators (of course, that was mostly b/c of their ol' ball coach). Now my niece is a grad student at UF and is Gator crazy, so naturally I had to root for them last night :-). And I do kinda like Urban Meyer (MUCH less annoying than Spurrier).

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