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Adam Graham

79 is what I'm calculated at.

Julie in Boise

A very interesting point, according to the quiz: The baseline age is 84 for men, 88 for women, and it adds or subtracts from that based on health history and habits.

But the one factor that seems to outweigh all else: If someone in your family has lived to be 90 or more and reasonably healthy, that adds 24 years to your lifespan estimate! So that could put many people well over 100 based on that alone - unless they smoke, drink heavily, eat butter and red meat all the time, and never exercise.

I had to answer "I don't know" on that due to being adopted as a child.

Julie in Boise

Following on what I said above, just for fun, I took the quiz for a hypothetical man and woman who did every negative thing in the book.

With no relatives living beyond 90, said unhealthy person would have an estimated lifespan of 61 for a man and 65 for a woman. But with a relative that lived beyond 90, those same people would live an extra five years.

I guess that means good genes can help, but only so much.

Julie in Boise

Sheesh, this is what I mean about time waster (and I have two deadlines Friday).

OK. Just did it for the hypothetical super-health-conscious person who had a relative live to be more than 90. Results: 102 for both a woman and a man.

Also noticed this disclaimer, which explains why these folks probably won't live 24 years beyond the average:

"To compute your life expectancy, the calculator sums all of the individual score points together. The result may be negative, zero, or a positive number. The calculator program then divides the result by 5. The result of this division is then added to 84 if male or 88 if female, producing life expectancy in years."

OK, back to work!!

David Erin Anthony

Well, count me in on the 84 for the age. I would consider myself lucky if I hit that with the stress from this current administration and the thoughts of continued Republican domination around here!

Julie Fanselow

Ha! Always back to the politics ...

Yes, the Bush years have been stressful for us all, in many ways. Cheer up, though: Congress is starting to stand up and do its job.

Tara Rowe

Being adopted as well, I had to answer "don't know" to a few, but still hit 83 which I thought was decent.


It says I should have kicked the bucket two years ago...

Julie Fanselow

Oh, come on Bubblehead!! We know you are a clean-living guy!

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