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sharon fisher

Thank you for quoting something *other* than "I have a dream" today.

The one thing I hate about celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a holiday is that it ghettoizes coverage of civil rights and African-American history and issues to a few days in January.

Julie in Boise

Sharon, I agree, that's true for the major media to a large extent. On the other hand, there's plenty of year-round coverage, if you know where to look. A few favorite sources:


www.studycircles.org (where I'm a regular contributor)


Julie in Boise

You are so right that many, many speeches beyond "I Have a Dream" bear reading, listening, and study. Click my name for an excellent resource on other King speeches and writings.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Not to take anything away from Dr. King, but I'm really starting to loathe second-tier Federal holidays -- because the large numbers and key job functions of those who get the day off often create hardships for those of who don't. Either the days need to be "elevated" via mandate to nearly all non-essential, non-retail private-sector personnel (thus removing them from the second-tier if you will), or alternate arrangements probably need to be made in sectors like transit, banking, childcare, sanitation, etc. to avoid turning (ironically) Martin Luther King day into a whole new way of segregating people into "those who benefit" and "those who suffer".

The Emerson Avenger

"Things refuse to be mismanaged long."

I guess that would depend on what the meaning of "long" is. Evidently Theodore Parker had no experience of UUA mismanagement. . .

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