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Julie in Boise

Forgot to mention in my list of economic factors ... sky-high marketing budgets and obscene executive pay.


Oh yeah, I actually was just thumbing through a physics textbook, and it did said that the Universal Minimum Wage Constant is $5.15/hour (I think - I had a hard time converting ergs to dollars). There's no messing with mother nature on this kind of stuff, you know.

james harris

all I can say as an athiest is,thank god the democrats are in charge.

David Erin Anthony

If our "honorable" Representative from the 1st Congressional District was out to prove a point in the argument against this noble cause it was lost. Instead the rest of the nation now will know what our foolish representative has done In doing so he has wasted tax payer's money and time in this effort. How many days til '08? Larry Grant where are you?!?!?

Neal Traven

I'll be on the lookout for Mr. Sali's "Obesity Reduction and Health Promotion Act", which he promised to sponsor for consideration by the House. It hasn't yet shown up on the LOC's Thomas site.

One would think that almost anything sponsored by Bill Sali will be worth reading, if only for its comedy quotient.

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