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sharon fisher

It was a big deal last year, whether the legislature or ITD would have the say about where the new road projects should be.

sharon fisher

and yes, that immigrant line freaked me out a bit too. Emergency services is one thing -- how about immunizing their kids and giving them medical care for infectious diseases, including HIV? That's all not just a matter of caring for the illegal immigrants, but caring for the citizens as well -- avian flu don't care whether someone is a citizen or not.

Julie in Boise

Good call, Sharon. I think that passage of his speech - and any policy proposals behind it - will get a lot of scrutiny. It ought to, anyway.


For the record: Otter, Risch and the rest of his GOoPer cronies had absolutely zilch to do with bringing in Hoku Materials. That happened in large part because of Pocatello Mayor (and Democrat) Roger Chase and a Democratic-majority Pocatello city council (of which Idaho Democratic Party chairman and former U.S. congressman Richard Stallings is an elected member).

If IsoRay Medical comes into Southeast Idaho in the near future, then the Repubs can point to something positive they had a hand in.

Julie Fanselow

Thanks very much for noting that, Serephin. It sure would've been nice for the guv to give a shout-out to Chase and the Pocatello council, wouldn't it?

In all my yammering about how blue Boise is these days, I need to remind folks that Pocatello has been Dem Country for years.

sharon fisher

Thanks, Serephin. That's good to know, especially the exact name of the company; I couldn't quite understand it when Otter said it.


Not a comment on policy, but I was at the speech standing immediately behind the three young men from Hoku Scientific when they were recognized by Mr. Otter. I was embarrassed for all of us that he had rehersed the "more important" parts of his speech to a T, but that he had to go to the teleprompter for his recognition of these folks manufacturing "poly silicone for the soul-der industry."

It was even worse when he did the Dan Harpole thing. Maybe it's the thought that counts, but he stumbled and bumped through that section like a thrid grader in the christmas play. I felt terrible for Mr. Harpole's family...

Tom von Alten

At least he didn't have to say "nuclear."

"We must not set on our laurel."

"Around here, 'Esto Perpetua' is more than a slogan, it's a way of life."

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