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Tara Rowe

Hey Julie, is the open thread going to be off of this?

Tara Rowe

MSNBC had a nice shot of Kempthorne greeting his old friends from Congress.

sharon fisher

I wish I had a nickel for every time Bush said 'terrorist.' Obviously he decided to play to his strengths. It's so transparent.

I did like Obama giving him the finger though.

Tara Rowe

Obama gave him the finger?

sharon fisher

He probably didn't even realize he was doing it. They had a reaction shot to a stony-faced Hilary Clinton and Obama, and Obama was resting the right side of his head against his first two fingers.

Body language is fun. :)

Tara Rowe

If they show John Warner again I'm going to have to sleep with a night light--something about the man scares me. He looks like a mean old giant.

Tara Rowe

Julie, a question more for the Boise Bus Blog rather than this, but how dependent on gasoline are buses or do they run on some other fuel?

Julie in Boise

Tara, I believe the buses here in Boise run on natural gas. That's a good question.

Sharon, I saw the shot of Obama you noted but didn't catch the finger. He looked deep in thought, his eyes closed, like he was listening very intently.

There must be a photo of that floating around the Internet. Post a link if you see it.

sharon fisher

Googling image obama "state of the union" doesn't bring up anything yet.

Tara Rowe

Yet is the key word...it will! ;)


I listened to KBOI yesterday morning with predictions of what the President would say in the speech. The first caller suggested Bush would be very conciliatory and would try to position himself as champion of issues the Democrats are pushing. Sure enough, W opened up with populist issues like health care and energy. The proof of the pudding, however, is in the strategy.

Health care for all (through tax breaks and tort reform)
Clean energy (foot-dragging conservation and nuclear)
Earmarks undermine accountability (How I would have loved to see Mike Simpson's face on that one)!

He's backed up against a wall and he knows it. If the Bush administration had any interest whatsoever in these issues, they would have provided leadership years ago.

The biggest challenge will be getting through the next year without this administration screwing things up even more. I'm holding my breath.

Kurt Marko

RE: Use of "terror".

There's a handy Flash app at the NYT that counts word usage in the SOTU (see:
http://www.nytimes.com/ref/washington/20070123_STATEOFUNION.html )

Terror = 22 times
Terrorist = 16 times

So, Tara, you'd get about 2 bucks at a nickel a mention. :)

Remarkably consistent usage over the past 5 years actually (the site tracks all of Dubya's SOTUs).

Julie in Boise

I absolutely hate HOW he says the word "terrist," too. Drives me nuts!!

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