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The Nickel-Plated JA

We're having one in Dist. 16 this week too: Thursday night (March 1st), 7pm, at Koelsch. Relish the irony: we have three D's representing the District, and we're meeting in a building named for one of Boise's most prominent early Republicans; Judge Koelsch will probably be rolling over in his grave *grin*!

Julie in Boise

Thanks for noting this ... I'll put it in the Monday water cooler, too.

Hey, does anyone care that Tom Vilsack has dropped out? I'm a little surprised to see him go so soon. Anyone care to wager guesses how long the other second- and third-tier candidates stay in? (Dem and/or GOP?)

My guess is that Biden and Dodd may bow out fairly early, by fall at the latest. I expect Kucinich and Gravel to stay in for the long haul because they have the least to lose and pretty much nothing to gain, other than spicing up debates.

Richardson is a tough call. He probably ranks fourth now, and - with Vilsack gone - he may get a bounce as the only Dem who can claim executive experience. He may even start pulling even with Edwards. But with HRC and Obama sucking major oxygen and early money out of the race, who knows? I think Richardson will stay in through Nevada at least.

Edwards will hang tough through the early primaries, too, but more and more, it's looking like HRC or Obama (unless Gore gets in).

As for the GOP, I'm thinking Brownback and Huckabee will hang tough until Iowa, then drop out afterward.

Cox, Hunter, Tancredo are fringe true believers who may stay in just to keep pressing their points. I think Ron Paul will stick around, too.

Romney, McCain, and Rudy will be the only serious contenders left after Iowa. Add Chuck Hagel to that list if he gets in.


I heard the other night that Dodd has a lot of money in the chest or is capable of getting a lot of money. So perhaps he might stay in longer than we expect.

Julie in Boise

That's true, Jessica, but he doesn't have a prayer in this cycle, and with this field. So how long does he want to prolong the obvious? But money and ego conceivably could keep him in through Iowa.

Hey, I just found a good article on Richardson that makes larger points about how wacky the nomination process has become. Click my name.

Tara Rowe

Julie, just got your email. For what it's worth I do care that Vilsack is out of the running. I've been out of it for a few days, but when I learned he was out I was quite sad. There is just something about Tom Vilsack, something very decent and honest that I love and his record isn't bad either...more on this at some point over at my blog when I'm feeling up to it.

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