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I'm appalled. Can you explain Janice McGeachin's vote on this?


Wow. I don't see how this bill would have done anything but good.


I read about this this morning and I nearly flipped. We talked about this on the show this morning. I asked on air and I repeat here: why did the Statesman ignore this story? I'd like that question answered.

Julie in Boise

I have no idea why this wasn't in the Statesman, and I have no clue why Janice M is so utterly clueless on this matter.


Doesn't even take into account single parent families whose only option is daycare. I guess they could stay home and collect welfare.


As a victim of child abuse, I am still sickened by Thayn's comments. School wasn't a continuation of my abuse, it was my salvation from abuse. Maybe when I visit the legislature on friday, I'll have a few words with him.


I'll go out on a limb here and guess that Janice voted against because it would mean onerous restrictions on very small businesses. Otherwise, she bought into the BS from JoAnn Wood.

I found an article on the Statesman website, but it's just the AP wire report and plainly comes from the Spokesman-Review.

There's another on the CDA Press at
with add'l information about the hearings.

The Post-Register article is behind their subscriber firewall. Is the ISJ website broken?

sharon fisher

Janice is one of the right-wingers. She often votes real conservative. She's also supporting a bill requiring women who want abortions to have an ultrasound.

In general, some of the most extreme right wingers are on H&W. It's a very bizarre committee -- half extremist and half medical professional.

It will be interesting to read the committee minutes.

Julie in Boise


Are committee minutes posted online somewhere, or must one request them at the Statehouse (via the committee secretary, or at the legislative info desk)?

Thanks for the insight.


FYI committee minutes are posted here:


They're usually updated weekly.

Julie in Boise

Excellent. Thanks. That's a very cool resource (and a gold mine for anyone who wants to challenge Steve Thayn or Janice McG next year)!

David Erin Anthony

To me its just another indication of how complacent the good ol boy network is in Idaho and how much the representatives just dont give a dam. Why should they? All they have to do is make sure that big "R" is next to thier name and the lemmings of this state will jump off the cliff....forgive my rashness but I have never seen a state run so roughshod.

sharon fisher

I'll assume Mountain Goat is right. I always have to google Idaho and legislature and then click on 'minutes' on the home page for the legislature.

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