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Republicans do not value education. If they did, they would have qualified candidates, not those of questionable intelligence like Bush, Sali, Thayn, and, well, most of them. And worse, Republican voters repeatedly vote for candidates who in no way, shape, or form represent their best interests. We Democrats need to figure out a way to show the populace that Democrats represent, and Democrats are, the people. Well, except for those that act like Republicans and vote for invading Iraq and later say, we didn't have the intelligence, ALTHOUGH THE REST OF THE WORLD DID. That's like saying, we didn't have internet access. How dumb is that?

David Erin Anthony

An admirable quality.....Unfortunately every day I open the paper thinking this state will one day pull the blinders off and see what our elected officials are doing. Then I read the paper...story after story of our elected officials doing whatever they want. Then I read letters to the editor calling those of us who call elected officials on thier actions as unpatriotic, bleeding heart, godless individuals who will let criminals run free and destroy family life....

Julie in Boise

It does seem like the Statesman LTEs have taken a decisive turn toward progressive-bashing lately. All I can figure is that, although Republicans rule here in Idaho, local GOP stalwarts are massively peeved about losing power in DC (and perhaps seeing it slip away here in Boise, too).

Irwin Horowitz

I guess that I should consider the letter from Curtis Young in today's Statesman a "badge of honor" huh? Of course, I wouldn't expect much from someone who licks Sali's #@$ like he did.

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