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Lynne Kringler

I've had it with Lee, Woolsey ect.

If you have ever belonged to a union, you know that solidarity is the only way to get things done.

Almost all Dems, want out of Iraq. Four years ago!

Then, when we are winning our battles (of course, not as fast as we would like), ie Dem majority in the house, not enough majority in the senate, bill after bill, passed, but not through the senate, not enough votes, the far, foolish left, helps the repubs.

When the dems work and work to get a reasonable bill that starts making the prez look bad, and could have, possibly, caused more repubs to pull away from bush. What do the peaceniks do? They won't back their leadership. Now, the repubs, can rightly say, the dems have no plan, they are too divided.

They passed that bill with a "narrow majority". The dems don't believe in their own plan. Why should we?

They are right. The American people gave them a mandate. It was not, to stop funding the war. It was to change directions and get out as soon as possible. Look at the polls. However, bush would have been the one, not funding the troops, if he vetoed.

Now the dems, not only have to fight the repubs and the liebermans, they now, have to fight their own party.

I'm so disappointed in those 14 dissenting dems. There were only two defections in the pro-war party, and 14 in the anti-war party, with an anti-war bill.

The 'stop the war' caucaus is citing that , this bill gives bush, 'wiggle room'.

Well, a bill that, FOR SURE, won't pass, gives him another blank check.

I hope he sends a 'thank you card' to the 14 dems that defected.

As far as I'm concerned, they are as bad as lieberman, in keeping us in Iraq. Shame on you.

My point being, we need to get our own house in order, before attacking repubs.

I have written simpson many times, to no avail. His last letter to me, was that, we would have to agree, to disagree.

By no means 'good enough', but what more can I do. I just keep writing. I also send letters to all senators, on both sides, sign petitions, and help candidates, all I can.

I have a hard time helping out, in Rupert. The only friends and neighbors I have met (2 years) are repubs. I have no way of organizing Dems, because I know, exactly none.

I can't believe that there are none. We have so many workers, families, middle class and poor, that if they are not dems now, they could be easily converted.

HELP!! Lynne Kringler Rupert (10 miles out of R)


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