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Julie Fanselow

Today's Statesman story is headlined "BSU student flier angers some Hispanics." I'd venture to say many non-Latinos are outraged, too.

The BSU College Repub prez says in the story that he "believes the criticism stems from having Vasquez speak and not from the wording on the flier."

Sorry, you're wrong. We liberals champion free speech, and you can invte anyone you like. It's the hurtful racist taunts that aren't OK (though they do show your true feelings - a useful thing for the rest of us to see).

sharon fisher

Two other interesting aspects about the Vasquez thing -- it's scheduled during Cesar Chavez week here at BSU, which seems insensitive to say the least, and the posters mounted at BSU say they were approved by the Student Activities Board. I wonder what sort of heat they're going to be put under.

(I work for the Public Policy Center, which is in the same department as Political Science, and yep, there's a poster out on our student bulletin board. I am not sure of the protocol so I won't take it down, but I will bring it to the attention of the department chair.)

Julie in Boise

Sharon, keep us posted about anything you hear on campus.

You know, I'd almost rather see the posters stay up, because they help show the College Republicans' true colors. Or I should probably say, true color.

Irwin Horowitz

Moving away from the inanities that are the BSU College Repubs and Ms. Swindell, a reminder that the organizing committee for Boise's Step It Up! event will be meeting on Tuesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Boise UUF at 6200 N. Garrett. We are still looking for folks to help, even if it is just as a volunteer at the event itself on April 14th.


Brandi's op-ed made me throw up in my mouth a little...

Not a hint of irony in her tone as she talks of "rights", in particular womens rights which she has opposed with every fiber of her being.

Is she related to the Jennifer Swindell Asst Editor at the Statesmen? Conflict of interest anyone?

David Erin Anthony

I had to chime in about my beloved counterparts, the College Republicans. I don't think we could have gotten any better press for the Campus Democrats. The only question now is how do we keep the ball rolling? How do we use this for our advantage for enrollment?


David, have a seminar or debate on the distinction between real discrimination and the bs Swindell is espousing. Invite speakers to comment on oppression of thought here in Idaho and being judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Then ask the Conservative group to supply a speaker with academic credentials or real life experience to speak on the topic.

Those poor oppressed Republicans certainly do lack sufficent diversity of opinion in the most Republican state in the nation. This despite the criticized speaker list at BSU.

David Erin Anthony

Did I detect a slight bit of sarcasm towards the end of your entry Sisyphus? Back in February when they began thier poor crusade against the evil Liberal Empire at BSU I did point out to a counterpart the University did cater to the far right, they had the Doodlebops. Guess he did not find it very funny. Guess they lack humor as well as reason and intelligence....


Oops my dorsal fin was showing. Their argument is so patently ridiculous I'm having trouble responding. I saw their list of proposed speakers included Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter. Not one on the list had real life experience or academic credentials to make their participation relevant to a University event. I thought it was very telling that their true motive is propaganda not diversity of opinion.

Julie in Boise

Adding insult to injury, the House today passed the and unncessary, discriminatory, and divisive "English Only" bill. Click my name.


also check out Joan Opyr's piece on this incident and the English-official thing on www.NewWest.Net/Boise

Julie in Boise

Eva, thanks for that. You can always send readers to an article of interest by pasting its URL in the box above the comment text box, as I've done here. Then, when readers click your name, they'll get there automatically.

Joan's piece is very good, and it has some spot-on comments, too. Thanks for noting it.



I think the Statesman just told you how this morning:


"This type of statement is unacceptable and inappropriate in any context," Frank Zang, BSU spokesman, in an e-mail to local media Monday. He said the group could face student judicial review if a complaint is filed by a campus organization.


Personally, I'd push Sawmiller and the BSU Republicans as much as possible.

sharon fisher

Julie, that was exactly my reaction -- leave it up (and it still includes the Chabala's reference) so people could see them. I did alert the head of the department and she said she wasn't sure whether she was allowed to remove items from the student bulletin board.

As it happens, I take a class with the executive director of the Republicans (the Republican equivalent of Maria Weeg) but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to bring it up with him.

Thomas Theisen

Dear liberals,

Read Joan Opyr's article. I'm sure you will think it is wonderful.

Dear Republicans,

Read my comment. I'm sure you will appreciate it.

Lastly, Joan is a jewish lesbian as she states in the article. Personally, I do not agree with either, but that is okay with me.

We all are and should be responsible for our own decisions and choices and the consequences that come with them.

I Happen to be lutheran. I am also married and a father to be.

Here is my point: If I disagree with her and her life choices, then I will probably be labeled an ignorant bigot by liberals. But, by labeling me an ignorant bigot for my beliefs and choices, aren't you the same!?

It's too bad so many of you didn't like the comments made by the BSU Republicans, they were just practicing their first amendment right you liberals like to exploit so much.

I don't like the fact that people picket (mostly liberals) at military funerals and harrass the families of fallen soldiers who died so they could stand and picket at their funeral, but I'm not whining about it.

God knows what is in the hearts of the BSU Republicans, but you only speculate. God knows what is in the hearts of the funeral picketers, so I won't speculate.

They all will be judged as will you.

Irwin Horowitz


You don't agree with the fact that Joan is Jewish? Hmm...there is a word for that particular position. As for me, despite my last name and my Jewish heritage, I am an atheist. I think all you religious wackos are...what's the word I'm looking for, oh yeah...wackos. But that's just my opinion, and I'm entitled to it!

sharon fisher

The only person I've heard of who pickets soldiers' funerals is Fred Phelps.

As far as BSU, Bob Kustra weighed in today.


Thomas Theisen

Irwin - As a Lutheran, I do not agree with the Jewish religion. I do not hate Jewish people. I have Jewish friends. I just do not agree with their religion. That is all.

She is a lesbian. I do not agree with homosexuality. I know people who are gay. I am not mean or dis-respectful, but I simply do not agree with their lifestyle.

Why am I a whacko? I do not agree with you, so I am a whacko!?

Thank you for proving my point!

Irwin Horowitz

Thomas, you were the one who made a point of emphasizing Joan's religion and sexual orientation and how you disagreed with both of them. What you should have said was that you do not practice the Jewish religion, not that you don't agree with it. You need to work on how you say things if you don't wish to be misinterpreted.

As for your disagreement with homosexuality, here's a simple clue...don't do it. Leave those for whom it is their natural proclivity to live their lives without your judgemental attitude. And, BTW, I may be godless, but I am straight. I simply have no issues with the gay agenda.

I just don't understand how you are injured if they are permitted to marry. Does it make your vows to your wife any less meaningful? If so, then I question the validity of those vows in the first place.

As for the wacko comment, when you encounter as many hate-filled comments coming from the supposedly loving community of (certain) Christian sects, it tends to elicit a knee-jerk reaction. I saw in your post a blatant attempt to provoke such a reaction and you succeeded in doing so. Congratulations.

Irwin Horowitz

One more thing, Thomas, which Sharon pointed out in her post, but didn't elaborate on...

Fred Phelps (in case you don't know) is renowned on college campuses nationwide for bringing his family and posting huge signs that proclaim "God Hates Fags." He is most definitely NOT A LIBERAL! He is the vilest piece of #^%# imaginable. And his attitudes are apparently quite similar to yours (at least regarding homosexuality).

Thomas Theisen

This will be my last comment.

Irwin - You are hilarious. Please go back and read my comments, then read yours! You are the only one who has passed judgment. I simply stated, "I do not agree with." Not agreeing with does not mean I hate them. I said it was okay with me. READ!!!

See, that is your problem. If I don't agree with you, then I am wrong and passing judgment. Who is the hypocrite here?

I know who Fred Phelps is. I wasn't referring to him. I was referring to the ACLU (mostly liberal members) who protect these picketers in all judicial proceedings. Fred Phelps is not the only person arranging picketing, but he is the primary person.

Again, in case you didn't read it, I said I was offended by these picketers, but I am not whining about it.

I think you are too busy reading into everything, as I stated I do not judge people, because that is not my right. It is God's right.

I have not made one negative comment about anyone, but, you certainly have!!!

Irwin Horowitz


In your initial comment, you make a point of the fact that Joan is a "jewish lesbian." Why do so? What does either of those things have to do with what she wrote? You then go on to say that you don't agree with either of those things. Why is it of importance for you to say that? All you had to say was that you don't practice either judaism or lesbianism and leave it at that, but you quite clearly go further with your comment. Again, why?

I reacted to your post in the manner in which I did because to me it reeked of both anti-semitism and homophobia, and anyone who wraps themselves in either cloak is, in my opinion, an idiot (or worse).

In your subsequent post, you pull out the old refrain "I have Jewish friends," as though that somehow absolves you of your blatant prejudice. It doesn't. I have Christian friends, I have Hindu friends, I have even made friends in the past with members of the Muslim faith. I don't practice any of them, but I wouldn't go so far as to publicize on-line that I don't agree with their belief system, as long as it doesn't embrace intolerance, hatred and fear. Yet that was precisely what you did. BTW, have you told your friends of the Jewish faith that you don't agree with their beliefs? Go ahead, tell them that. Let's see how long those friendships last.

Lastly, I note that you haven't responded to my questions concerning gay and lesbian marraige and how that could possibly diminish the value of your marraige. So tell me, how would it?

Thomas Theisen


I pointed it out, because her belief system is Jewish. She is a lesbian. That is her sexual orientation. She is going to write columns based on her background, choices and beliefs. Again, she can practice both, but I just do not agree with them.

You have stated that you are an Atheist, so that means you do not agree with the Lutheran faith, as the Lutheran faith believes in God. We both believe in two different things, which means we disagree with one another. It doesn't mean we hate one another.

This is not a difficult concept to grasp. If you punch someone in the face, is it okay for me to say that I don't agree with your actions!? Or, am I prejudice against people who punch others in the face!?

Disagreeing with someone doesn't equal prejudice. I did not chastise her for being Jewish or being a lesbian. Seriously, gather yourself, you seem like an intelligent individual.

Again, my faith is that God created man and woman. We are here to grow our souls and spread our seed. Homosexual activity is un-natural and doesn't allow the possibility of spreading your seed. According to my faith, Marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman.

I feel that same-sex marriage is wrong and I do not support it. You apparently think it is okay and support it. This is called a difference of opinion. We are allowed to have these in our country.

Murder is wrong. Rape is wrong. I do not support these things. I'm sure you don't either. This we probably agree on.

Let's leave it at that.

My friends who are Jewish do not agree with my religion, as my belief system differs with theirs. It does not mean we do not maintain a solid friendship. We respect each others' rights to practice our religions. It is really pretty simple.

I think it is pretty common knowledge that Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, Protestants, Methodists, Agnostics and Atheists all have different views, which means they do not agree with one another on certain issues.

Irwin, I do not have to agree with everyone on every subject to hang around them or respect them as individuals.

It is really very easy. It sounds like you do the same, so let's move on and agree to disagree on some of the topics we discussed.

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