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Channel 2 had the most coverage by far. It was the first story that led. KTVB led with DUIs. KIVI led with, um, can't remember. Diane put the crowd at 200. I thought there was more like 300-350, but I'm not great at estimating.

Julie Fanselow

I think it was closer to 200 than 300. It was far smaller than in past years. I mostly blame the weather, but war fatigue is certainly a factor, too.

Diana Rowe Pauls

War fatigue? It seems to me that too many Americans are not paying attention to the war at all! I know that surveys are reflecting that Americans are unhappy with the situation, but on a day to day basis, it is a nonissue for the average citizen. The media plays a large role, in my opinion, when they publish the itty bitty article of the death of an Idaho son in section B or C, page 7 or when today's front page places the article about the local community college basketball team over the article about the war anniversary. Ask around and see how many of your friends/neighbors/co-workers can name one fallen hero... or how many Idahoans have died in Iraq... or when was the last time they wrote a deployed soldier or Marine (much less sent a care package!). Ask them if they've "adopted" a family whose loved one is serving in Iraq. They talk the talk, but they are not willing to walk the walk.

It's been a rough couple of months for me regarding the war issue, please understand that I'm feeling a bit bitter about Americans in general, Idahoans in particular, and how soon they forget the price some families have paid...

Julie in Boise


You know, I think I meant war fatigue among those of us who have opposed this insane war all along, since the fall of 2002 now. I know I literally had to force myself to go yesterday, and many other "usual suspects" were AWOL.

And I think you are absolutely right that the American public in general has essentially forgotten that there's a war going on. Most of us have not been called to sacrifice anything but our time and dignity in lines at the airport - well, that and the loss of our nation's good name and stature in the world community.

Believe me, those of us here on the blog have not forgotten the price your family paid, nor that paid by the 3,000+ other families who have lost loved ones in the war.

I hope you get a good turnout in Twin tonight. Virtual hugs across the southern Idaho desert ...

Diana Rowe Pauls

Thank you for the hugs! I know that those of us who have connected via the "internets" (I laugh every time KO repeats that!) share my frustration... but it seems we are such the minority. I am looking forward to tonight... hopefully, there won't be another media snafu like last time!

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