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Jay Stevens

I'm stunned by this guy...

Irwin Horowitz

I'm stunned by the people who voted to send him to the legislature.

Julie in Boise

And he's in his what ... 10th term? Yikes ...

I'm just back from the legislature this morning, and I am happy to report that John Rusche's robocall bill sailed through the full House. Only two people voted against it. Guess who?! Tom Loertscher and Lenore Barrett. (I dunno; I guess they don't get robocalls in Bone and Challis.)


Hi Julie. Is there a link to the Environmental Working Group where you got those figures?

Julie in Boise

Sorry, but that wasn't my story; it was the Post Register's.

Seems like they ought to be an issue in Mr L's next election, though.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Loertscher has the safest Republican District in the state (31) -- and *that* is definitely saying something, in this state. Unless another Rub (possibly one mad about the farm subsidies thing) takes him on/out in the primary, we may not get a crack at him until the 2011 redistricting.


Sorry Julie. I guess I failed to recognize the italics continuing through. I followed the link and was a little dismayed that immediately afterward the Post Register cheers Jancie McGeachin for voting her principles on another matter, even though her hypocrisy was shining through loud and clear right there with Loertscher's on the child care vote. Local papers failing to report on the votes of our reps is one thing I've been griping about in the comments over here: http://www.boiseguardian.com/2007/02/28/barefoot_and_pregnant_in_the_kitchen.html Thanks for the heads up on PR article.

sharon fisher

I saw Loertscher do a lot of this sort of thing last year. It's pretty much his MO.

Joe Vandal

This disgusted me when I first read about it.

However, I became outraged when four of these legislators tried to justify their reasons in today's post register op-ed section.

I wrote an article that clearly lays out their hypocrisy.

Please comment, and especially use the Share feature to email two of those legislators and ask them to answer the charges of hypocrisy.


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