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Re: the Draft Delegate selection plan, how does the table in Sect. III.A.4.c (which assigns delegate quotas based on gender) jive with the Affirmative Action part, Sect 7.A.1.e.(2), which includes gender as one of the groups included in affirmative action, and states: "This goal shall not be accomplished either directly or indirectly by the Party’s imposition of mandatory quotas at any level of the delegate selection process or in any other Party affairs. (Rule 6.A.(2))"?

Julie in Boise

Bubblehead, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

Kidding. I haven't read the thing, but it sounds like you may have something worth checking out - and since this is the DRAFT, I'll note your query to some folks who have a say.

I do know, historically, that serious attention has been paid to ensuring gender balance - not that Democrats need to work hard to assure diversity within OUR party.

sharon fisher

It may be "just $327,000" but it's a hell of a lot more than Idaho ever got before.

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