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Julie in Boise

McJoan at Daily Kos had a Page 1 item on this, too, with comments aplenty. Click my name.


The Craig/Vasquez primary (if there is one) will get ugly but Craig should win. It will leave an opening for LaRocco though--hopefully he comes up with the cash.

Julie in Boise

I also see in the Statesman today (as well as at Kos yesterday) that there's speculation Jim Risch may get in if Craig decides not to run.

Frankly, I think a LaRocco-Risch rematch might be interesting. Risch won last year because he had the temporary governorship as a platform and because he's an R. In a good year for Ds (which 2008 will be, even in ID), and with Risch as mere lt gov, LaRocco would do better. But can he get 50.1%?

Reading the Statesman article, I was struck by the fact Craig and LaRocco first ran against each other - for the US House - in 1982. That was 25 years ago. Can't we get a few new faces in our state politics?!


I found it interesting to see that Risch has over $137,000 leftover from the Lt.Gov. race. That oughta give him a little kick start if he jumps in.

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