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sharon fisher

Undisclosed location, eh? Say hi to Dick Cheney for us.

When I moved to this house in 2002, I did it with the thought that at some point I'd be having gas piped here and would use a gas dryer, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on appliances I'd be replacing in a few years, so I bought a used electric set from ...uh, the used furniture and appliance place on the Bench. They weren't happy about delivering to Kuna and what I ended up doing was that my moving van, which started out in Boise, swung by there and picked them up. Then they got installed and the washer promptly started throwing oil, which I knew meant the ...compressor, I think it is....would no longer work, so I called them back up, and they apologized, came and picked up the dead units and brought me the two best units they had at the time. They're not great but they'll do.

Meanwhile, I've decided I'm unlikely to be putting in gas, because I don't expect to stay in this house more than ten years and it'll probably be sold as a scraper after that. It breaks my heart, because it's a beautiful house, but this just isn't a residential neighborhood anymore. If they widen my street to five lanes -- which is currently not on the books, but who knows, especially if they put in a big box store at the end of my street, which they're threatening to do -- I might lose enough of my front yard that this place will be uninhabitable sooner than that.

Jill Kuraitis

Well, I have a realio trulio transistor radio that my Dad gave me in 1966, still in its quality leather cast, to which I listen every day. Does that count?
Julie, you quoted two of my all-time favorite songs, "This Pretty Planet" and "For the Beauty of the Earth." Even my kids can sing those. Love them.

Julie in Boise

A 41-year-old radio defintely counts. Those were great. I had one in the 1970s and remember how it could pull in AM stations from hundreds of miles away at night. Very cool.

Yes, "This Pretty Planet" is an all-time fave here, too. It's hard to outgrow Tom Chapin.

The Nickel-Plated JA

One thing you left off the list: tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6 at the Labor Building at 16th and Bannock is the 2008 cycle's first Candidate Recruitment Committee meeting for the Ada County Dems. Soooo... if anyone reading this has an interest in running as a Democrat next year, get your "elevator pitch" together and throw yourself at us :)

David Erin Anthony

My old Panisonic Turntable/tape deck is going on 20 years old next year. Does that count?

Julie in Boise

Thanks for that, NPJA. I know that the Ada County Dems are especially interested in hearing from folks interested in running in the western and southern part of the county - Districts 14 (Eagle/Star/Meridian), 15 (northwest Boise), and 21 (Kuna/Meridian).

The Nickel-Plated JA

Not too be nitpicky, but District 15 (where we are looking in particular for bodies, yes) is just West Boise.... It frustrates me to hear people (especially realtors, for some reason) refer to the area around HP as "Northwest Boise" -- it's very much west and only slightly north; for those of us who take great pride in the *actual* Northwest Boise community (ie. north of Garden City/State St./the Boise River) the reference is demeaning.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Oh, and we're also particularly interested in District 20 -- Central Meridian :)

That isn't to say people from elsewhere shouldn't get excited as well; there are other offices besides the Leg. to talk about, and there have been some long-term incumbents hinting at possible retirements soon (or moving on to seek higher office).

Julie in Boise

OK. Thanks for the clarifications. As someone who lives in an area variously described as the Central Bench, the First Bench, the East Bench, and South Boise, I take your point.

Whatever we are here, we are solid blue here in District 17, baby! Well, except that little nub west of Cole Road. We don't know what to make of that, except people must be drowning out the freeway noise with wingnut radio, because it's usually the only precinct in 17 that still votes Republican.

sharon fisher

Well, I'm running for office in District 21, but I can't make a Tuesday night meeting, so hopefully there will be other opportunities.

Julie in Boise


Do tell more. Is this your official announcement?!

Irwin Horowitz


I now have a new blog on New West devoted primarily to astronomy. Click on my name for the link. The first post has already been put on there. I hope you take the opportunity to read it on a regular basis and that you enjoy what I have to say about astronomy as well as other topics.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Well, in the "moving in the right direction department," Larry Grant and Jana Jones *both* carried Pct. 79 in November -- the only precinct in District 17 in the 1st CD (the little nub of which you speak).

It looks like, from the map, the only actual housing in 79 is that little subdivision tucked into the armpit of the Connector, right behind the Mormon Temple, on the rim that overlooks the old auto park.

Julie Fanselow

Irwin, congrats on your new blog!

NPJA, I am really glad to read that, mainly because I personally canvassed that very neighborhood in 79 a few weeks before the election.


I'm in District 20, but I don't think I'd make a real good Democratic candidate.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Is it worth mentioning that my precinct (12) is so solidly Democratic that Chris Grant and Howard Faux both nearly carried it -- despite neither of them campaigning *at all* for the offices (County Clerk and State Treasurer) they were running for?

Ironically, you get to the measures at the bottom of the ballot though, and things start to get a bit muddied: the advisory vote on the Risch Tax was overwhelmingly in favor, despite being a double-tax on Boise ISD (in which the entire precinct lies) residents.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Bubblehead, in this state you might be surprised what constitutes a good Democratic candidate. You're precisely the sort of Republican the religious radicals in your own party here have targeted for extinction: just look at Kathy Skippen or Bill Deal.

It might surprise you to learn that in Democratic circles I freely admit to having been a stereotypical Young Republican type while at Capital in the late 80s. Frankly, the religious-rightward shift of the local GOP while I was in college (particularly, the Chairmanship of Gene Winchester) had an awful lot to do with precipitating my early 90s conversion -- at the very least, it was one of the three sides of the triangle.

sharon fisher

I'm running for Library Board (which has the same boundaries as the Kuna School District, so it overlaps 21 some) right now. As far as anything else, we shall see. I would have run last time, just to have an alternative on the ballot, except at the time of filing I was working in the Legislature in a position where I was required to be nonpartisan.

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