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sharon fisher

Ooo, Garden City has a book sale too? Decisions, decisions...

Retired Geezer

Big plant sale at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Mrs. Geezer scored big.

Also some kind of native plant sale at the Fish and Game headquarters which is pretty close to the Prison.

Line was too long so she skipped it yesterday.

David Erin Anthony

Did anyone happen to catch this week's episode of Seven Days? For those who are unfamiliar with the show it airs every Saturday evening on KTVB and Hosted by Carolyn Holly. The show highlights the events of the last week in Idaho. This week had two rather interesting segments.

The first segment regarded the revitalization of downtown Boise and the work Mayor Bieter has done to keep the progress going and the overwhelming positive response to the direction the city is going in a recent poll.

The second segment regarded the "boondoggle" our Governor took as part of 35 member group to Cuba. What was ironic about this segment was how he kept tap dancing about the sucess. This was supposed to be trip to encourage trade. However, he gave two or three instances of Idaho representatives being unable to fill orders. This sure gave the impression of ill equipted and unprepared. Now why would that be? I also find this one rather interesting no mention of who footed the bill for this trip and how much it was. If the people of Idaho paid this bill how does our Governor justify this when he campaigned about the worthless business trips made by previous administrations (Gov Kempthorne's name came up).

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