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Nicole LeFavour is one of the best legislators in the state. You guys are lucky to have her.

Julie in Boise

Jessica, don't we know it. Well, I am in District 17 so she's not my rep, but she really led the way toward helping turn Boise a deeper shade of blue. She is very generous with her time mentoring others, too.

sharon fisher

I think it's great that the Legislature has someone openly gay who forces them to see the face of the sort of policies that they are arguing, such as gay marriage. She brought a woman (I assume her partner; I don't know them that well) to the inauguration and they danced together just like everyone else, and the ceiling didn't fall in and nobody seemed to even notice. And yes, she's very helpful and generous with her time.

Julie in Boise

I agree. Nicole definitely put a human face on the gay marriage issue. I don't know that her presence changed any votes on HJR 2, but at least those who wanted to dehumanize Nicole and her partner Carol and thousands of other gay couples in Idaho had to look her in the eye afterward.

Nicole definitely has also had an impact getting the majority Repubs to think harder about issues ranging from education to public transportation to the environment.


Nicole LeFavour is great...in a less anti-gay world, a dream candidate for the House in 2008 to beat Renny Rehwhateverisnameberg...

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